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How to get a listing of all requirements implemented in a sprint?

Rabh Pandya (834) | asked Jan 27 '14, 3:20 p.m.
We're using RRC in combination with RTC, which I'm still getting used to after a long period only using RTC on its own. I've set up a (obviously simple) query which returns all the tasks that are planned for the current sprint. I was wondering if there's a way to modify this to return all the RRC requirements IDs which are implemented in the current sprint? 

It doesn't seem immediately obvious. I'm happy to try the REST api, if it isn't possible in the Eclipse or web client.

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Millard Ellingsworth (2.5k12431) | answered Jan 27 '14, 6:38 p.m.
Depending on exactly what you want to see, you should be able to write a query using linked data to get this. A perhaps too simple example would be that you could select all CCM items planned for the current sprint, then go into the column display for the query and add a column. In the dialog that pops up, be sure to select the "Show links" checkbox (to see the additional options) and then select "Implements Requirement". Not sure if this will get you the IDs or the description (I don't have a server handy with the necessary linked data in it). Give that a shot and let us know if that gets you closer.
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Rabh Pandya commented Jan 28 '14, 1:09 p.m.

 Thanks for the swift response. I've tried your suggestion, and the problem with that is it returns all the tasks which are scheduled for the sprint, but our hierarchy has: high level user story > scenario > team story > task.

Task is at the lowest level, and doesn't directly implement any requirements - it is the scenario and high level user story above the task that implement RRC requirements. 

I tried the relationships viewer in the Eclipse UI, but that neither shows "implements requirement", nor exports the hierarchy of relationships.

Hmm, any other thoughts?

Millard Ellingsworth commented Jan 28 '14, 1:47 p.m.

Thought 1: Try the web UI. ;-) At least to see if you can get what you want. This feels like the sort of thing you'll want in a dashboard anyway.

Thought 2: You can restrict the Type of work item in the query, so get Stories planned for the Sprint and follow the link to Implements Requirement. You had mentioned your query "returns all tasks" so I didn't initially suggest any restriction (not knowing how you structured these things).

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