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Sharing Worklight project with Rational Team Concert 3.0.1 generated errors because some files are not found (for example /android/native/bin and /gen)

Janet Rivas (1112) | asked Sep 10 '13, 4:37 p.m.
retagged Sep 11 '13, 2:28 a.m. by Nhi P Ta (18841018)

I am using Eclipse JEE 4.2.2  and  Rational Team Concert and Worklight Studio 6.0, I create a new Worklight project, which  has an Android Environment   and I would like to share my project in RTC, But when I share it I got errors because some folders are not found (for example  /android/native/bin /gen)
And the bin and gen folder are located in Android project which is created  by Worklight project. The  Error  message is during upload Failed to upload File /.../android/native/gen/.

But technically  theses file are not needed in RTC  repository. The  problem is  that  I cannot ignore /bin and /gen folder because the Worklight project  does not  show them.

So I researched about  this issue and I found  that Eclipse filter some files. In order to delete the filters I followed this instruction Right click in  Worklight project -> properties -> resource -> Resources filters.  And  there was ../bin and ../gen folder  filtered by Eclipse.

And I  found  other issue If I delete resource filter above,  it is set back automatically. So ../bin and .../gen folder did not show in Eclipse project and I am not able to ignore..

The  only  solution is  clean the  project and  then check in it, which is painful because any time I have to clean the  project and RTC should be able to ignore this folders.

Is there  any other way to ignore ../bin and ../gen folders?  or show them in Eclipse project?

Any other  suggestion is  welcome.


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