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Personal dashboard display - Jazz admin verses user differ

Norman Dignard (356685162) | asked Mar 07 '19, 9:53 a.m.

We're using  JAZZ 605 ifix10

We noticed a disconnect between what the user see's as his personal dashboard and what the jazz admin sees as that user's personal dashboard. There is only one personal dashboard for that user.

We ran across this issue in investigating why our cm logs is being flooded with errors (almost every minute)  for this account in trying to access a project area that they are not a member of. 

The user has the my project widget in which it list this project area which is incorrect.
As for the disparity in the dashboard display, as the user he sees several cm projects  (including one he does not have access too). As the admin looking at that users dashboard, it lists only 2 cm project, one being the pa he does not have access too.

Has anyone encountered this and if so, is there a method to correct and resync the dashboard that the admin sees?


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Norman Dignard (356685162) | answered Mar 07 '19, 12:00 p.m.

 My bad. One needs to be aware of the function behind various widgets. the My project widget is tried to the logged in user regardless of the dashboard being used.

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