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Troubleshooting Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapter for Windchill issues

Authors: IntegrationsTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: The Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) 4.x

This page provides resources for troubleshooting issues with the IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapter (RLIA) for Windchill.

Typical usage scenarios where problems can occur include the following

  • Query CLM for related Work Items
  • Link existing ChangeRequest to CLM Work Item
  • Create new CLM Work Item
  • View CLM Work Item without leaving Windchill context


  • Query Windchill for related Change Requests
  • Link existing CLM Work Item to existing Windchill ChangeRequests
  • Create new Windchill ChangeRequest
  • View Windchill ChangeRequest without leaving CLM context

Note: This adapter does not support URL change in itself (Windchill or RTC) as changes to any of these applications' URLs will break existing links.

Areas to focus on when troubleshooting

  • Network Connectivity
  • User Credentials
  • Browser Incompatibilities
  • Lack of Proper Friends or Consumer Coupling
    • Needs to be done in 3 places and needs to be consistent. When you go to create a new CLM WI, you may notice that the popup will not provide a choice.
  • Missing Context.xml Parameters
  • Error Message and RLIA Online Help
    • See the Windchill Adapter Log Messages topic in the Windchill adapter documentation, which is included with the adapter download.
  • Product Logs

Potential Causes

  • Forgot keys
  • Entered wrong key
  • Forgot to create friend relationships
  • Forgot port number
  • Got name of WAR wrong
  • Server rename

Troubleshooting issues related to Server rename

What you may see if a server rename was performed on an IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) server that was integrated using the Windchill adapter.


  • All links are retained regardless of the server state.
  • Links with inactive RTC servers show an error message in the hover view stating a timeout.

Example of error reported when links are down:

Example of error reported if attempting to delete links when the server is down:

Possible procedure for resolving issues caused by a CLM server rename:

  1. Examine the URL
  2. Add a new link to the renamed work item
  3. Remove the old link.
Important note: Although all inactive links can be deleted, as noted above, you should add the new links first before removing the old broken links.

A warning message will be displayed asking if the link should be deleted even though the back link cannot be removed. On confirmation from the user, the link is removed. Note that the deleted warning may take some time to show up and you may not see an indication that the delete is in progress. This issue is under investigation.

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Additional contributors: DeniseMcKinnon KotTontranakwong

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