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RDNG 4.0 to 5.x Migration: Known Issues

Authors: UpgradeTroubleshootingTeam
Build basis: CLM 5.x

This topic discusses the migration of Rational Doors NG (formerly RRC) in 5.0, where it is separated from the JTS database.


During this step in the upgrade process, a log file will be created in the ../server directory of the Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) application installation directory.

Known Issues

Below are some known issues which arise during the RDNG Migration in the upgrade process

"Roll-Forward pending" error in log files

Version: Upgrade to 5.x, DB2
Error During Upgrade: After restoring a copy of the JTS database for use as RM database, the log files are flooded with "Roll-Forward pending" errors when connecting to the database.
Cause: This error occurs because the backup of the JTS database was taken online.
Resolution: Run the following SQL command to resolve this error.
db2 rollforward db RMDB to end of backup and complete
If the above SQL still results in the "Roll-Forward pending" error in the log files, run the following command:
db2 rollforward db RMDB to end of logs and complete

RM projects are listed "-Unresolved Context-"

Version: Upgrade to 5.x
Error During Upgrade: After completing the upgrade, RDNG projects will display as "-Unresolved Context-".
Cause: The finalize application step was skipped.
Resolution: Run the Finalize Application command from repotools. The applicationId can be found in \server\rm_upgrade_rmUpgrade.log file.
repotools-jts.bat -finalizeApplicationMigration checkOauthDomain=true applicationId=xxxxx newPublicUrl=https://<jazz>:9443/rm

Updating Project BackLinks Fails

Version: Upgrade to 5.x
  • Make sure the CLM server is up and running
  • Make sure the User credentials you enter has the 5.0 license assigned prior to completing this step.

If you have token license server setup, enable the trial licenses and assign a license to the user prior to completing this step.

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