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Moving an Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) SCM component to a new EWM SCM server todo.png

Authors: ArunSriramaiah PaulEllis
Build basis: Engineering Workflow Management

This article relates to Engineering Workflow Management (ELM) Source Code Management (SCM) components, which was formerly known as Rational Team Concert. Renaming the IBM Continuous Engineering Portfolio explains more about the product renaming durint the ELM timeframe.

Newly introduced in the ELM release, there are now 2 repotool commands to allow you to refactor your components across your different server repositories.

Part 1 - Export the Component

The scmExportComponent command exports the contents of a database, scoped to a set of SCM components, to a .tar file.

The exported .tar file only contains data that is part of the specified SCM components and is not a full database export. You can import the .tar file onto a different server. Use the scmExportComponent command to export the contents of source-control management (SCM) components to a .tar file.
Before you import components, ensure that they do not exist on the server already. All components in the archive are imported together. The following data is included in an exported component archive:

  • The component,
  • Contained baselines
  • History
  • Change sets.
  • All files and folders modified by change sets in the component, and all content that is associated with those files.
  • Version identifiers, item permissions, and custom attributes for any files and folders that are part of the export.
  • Contributor information for all users who create or modify any exported item.

The following data is not included in an exported component archive:

  • The current state of the component in the workspace or stream, and the history of operations performed in a stream or workspace. Before you export, create baselines to record the current state of any notable streams or workspaces.
  • Snapshots are not included, but the individual baselines on components being exported are included.
  • Baseline hierarchies are not included, but the individual baselines on components being exported that make up the hierarchy are included.

Part 2 - Import the Component

Use the scmImportComponent command to import the contents of an exported source-control management (SCM) component .tar file into a database
All data in the previously exported SCM component .tar file is imported together. Components being imported must not previously exist on the server.

  • Imported components are initially owned by the default Admin user and are in an archived state. An administrator must unarchive the component and set the owner to an appropriate process area or contributor before users can access it.
  • Imported files and folders with permissions set to a context that does not exist on the server are reassigned to the Admin user. When you import components onto a new server, the permission context (that is, project area) might not exist.
  • Custom attributes are controlled by the project area that owns the component.
  • Custom attributes of the component that is imported to a new server are retained, but users cannot set new ones unless they are configured appropriately in the project area that owns the component.

Cleaning up and reclaiming space

In Database Growth - Strategies for minimizing the growth of repository databases, RosaNaranjo describes how to perform the final step.

In Rational Team Concert/Engineering Workflow Management (EWM), there are several items that can contribute greatly to database growth if not kept in check. These items are build results, work item attachments, and binary content in SCM as versioned content. There are several articles and presentations that have been written on this topic.

Related topics: Database Growth, Deleting data in Engineering Workflow Management

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