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JMX Application MBeans Reference Guide for

Authors: TimFeeney
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Revised approach to documenting MBeans

  • A reference guide for a release should be wholly complete, that is, it should include new MBeans for the release but also all other released MBeans
  • Organize the MBeans for each release by
    • Java/JVM - since we don't 'own' these, it could be that these standalone outside the ELM MBean reference guides for each release
    • Foundation/Common
    • DOORS Next
    • EWM
    • LQE - this is an outlier too since we are just using MBeans available in Jena
    • Future add ETM, RMM and other apps as they pub MBeans
  • Within an application domain category, organize the MBeans alphabetically. The current organization by collector task is not meaningful to end users. Alternatively, if a reasonable functional categorization can be defined, that could be considered, e.g. cluster, performance, server health, usage, etc. One idea would be to group so can tie the elements of the Jazz Service Invocation Architecture (https://jazz.net/wiki/bin/view/Deployment/CLMMBeansOverview) to the relevant MBeans.
  • Each release should have release notes that indicate any changes (high level) from previous release
    • Changes to a release should NOT break client monitoring for a prior release, e.g. avoid changing object name paths
  • What to capture for each MBean:
    • Name, Object name/path
    • Advanced Property Namespace, Advanced Property Display Name, Advanced Property ID and their default values and unit of measurement (e.g. milliseconds, seconds....)
    • Description/usage/why of value
    • Do changes to the MBean or collector task settings require a restart?
    • Default frequency and how to alter in UI and/advanced property
    • Name of collector task, TaskID used in UI
    • Attribute names with good descriptions
    • it would be nice to provide a way to tag MBeans so some filtering/searching could be done within the documentation; use of Twiki likely prohibits that
    • see Serviceability Component MBean Mapping especially the attached table
    • need to show examples on how to find and use an MBean in the Serviceability page, RepoDebug and some monitoring tool, e.g. Splunk
    • under what conditions does the MBean provide data (eg. some require a failure for anything to be published)
    • consider how to tie an MBean to any related usage guidance, when available
  • Publishing the MBean reference

Related topics: JMX MBeans for ELM application monitoring

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