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JMX MBeans for ELM Application Monitoring

Authors: Richard Watts, Vishwanath Ramaswamy, Vaughn Rokosz, TimFeeney
Build basis: 6.0.5 and later

As part of our serviceability strategy for the ELM product suite, we provide detailed instrumentation and best practices for collecting data on how your system is behaving.

Managed beans (MBeans) are "Java objects that represent a manageable resource, such as an application, a service, a component, or a device". These objects are available through a MBean Server or Java Management Extensions (JMX) agent.

We have been working to instrument the ELM applications using managed beans. We have implemented MXBeans which use a predefined set of data types that make consuming data from the beans easier. There is no need to introspect the bean before collecting the data.

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