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Authors: ThomasPiccoli, KennethThomson, JenniferLiu, KenTessier, ClareCarty
Build basis: CLM 6.0, CLM 6.0.x, CE 6.0.x

Quick Deployer makes use of tagging to ensure it only installs and executes the required scripting and middleware on the individual servers in the environment. By following this topic it ensures that when you create a UCD Environment all the required tags are available.

Create agent tags

  1. Ensure you are in the folder where you previously expanded the IBM Quick Deployer installation package eg /media/QD
  2. Ensure the following files are present
    • tagsCreate.sh
    • tagsCreate.json
  3. Assign execute permission to the tagsCreate.sh script
  4. ensure JAVA_HOME is set. If not export JAVA_HOME={location of your jre} (e.g. /usr/lib/jvm/jre)
  5. ensure UCDCLIEXE is set. If not export UCDCLIEXE={location of your udclient exe} (e.g. /opt/ibm-ucd/agent/opt/udclient/udclient)
  6. Execute the tagsCreate.sh script
    The script expects 3 arguments as key=value pairs:
    • USERNAME =UCDAdminUserName
    • USERPASSWORD =UCDAdminUserPassword
    • UCDSERVER =UCDURL (e.g. https://UCDHostName:8443)
      - as lots of information is written to the screen it is recommended that when executing the script the output should be piped through the tee program for post processing.

          cd /media/QD
          chmod 755 tagsCreate.sh
          export JAVA_HOME={location of your jre}
          export UCDCLIEXE={agent install dir}/agent/opt/udclient/udclient
          sh tagsCreate.sh USERNAME=adminuser USERPASSWORD=adminpassword UCDSERVER=ucdurl:port | tee console_tagsCreate.log
          >> deleted console text <<
          end of file [tagsCreate.sh]



  • Throughout the IBM Quick Deployer wiki the screen captures are for reference only.
    In some cases if the functionality they display has not changed in the latest release they will be from a previous release

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Additional contributors: MichelleCrane, NathanBak, ChristianLopez

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