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Authors: Richard Watts, Vishwanath Ramaswamy, Vaughn Rokosz
Build basis: CLM


The Common Managed Beans that were changed or introduced in They are grouped into four categories, Cluster, Performance, Server Health and Usage Metrics. From there, they are further categorized by background task.

Table 1 - Categories

Category Description Background Tasks
Usage Metrics The Usage Metrics category collects common, project and license metrics from the system. ProjectMetricsCollectorTask
Cluster Metrics Rational Team Concert supports being deployed clustered. Clustered Metrics are only available in a CLM Instance where you are using clustering. If you enable cluster metrics without deploying clustering, you will not see any clustered related values. No Changes
Performance Metrics The Performance metrics category covers collecting metrics related to overall system performance from users, services, data or database loads. ServerActivityMetricsTask
Server Health Metrics Server Health Metrics covers important mbeans that ensure your system is up and running (diagnostics) and data integrity (online verify). No Changes

Background tasks are the mechanism we use to populate the managed beans. These are enabled in Advanced properties. Changing the interval of a background task will only go into effect after the next interval or when the application is restarted. Background tasks group beans based on the frequency of data collection, so background tasks can appear in more than one category.

Table 2 - Background Tasks

Background Task Description Managed Beans
HighFrequencyMetricsNodeScopedTask   Active Services Summary
ServerActivityMetricsTask   Server Activity Summary Metrics MBean
Active Service Counter Metrics MBean
Active Services Counter Summary Metrics

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