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CLM 6.0.6 Monitoring Managed Beans Referencetodo.png

Authors: Vishwanath Ramaswamy, Vaughn Rokosz, Richard Watts
Build basis: CLM 6.0.6

This document outlines the changes since 6.0.5 to our managed beans in the CLM 6.0.6 product suite.

New and Noteworthy

Common Beans

  • New Managed Bean: MQTTBrokerSubscriptionStatsMBean

  • New Managed Bean: Enable Configuration Management Service Metrics MBean
  • New Managed Bean: Enable Local Versioning Cache Metrics MBean
  • Removed Managed Bean: Enable Cache Metrics MBean
  • Corrected: Enable Web Service Metrics MBean (maxOverInterval Attribute fixed)

Common Beans

Note: No new MBeans were added in Rational Team Concert in 6.0.6

LQE Beans

Serviceability Component MBean Mapping todo.png

Please see Serviceability Component MBean Mapping for a better understanding how the CLM Serviceability Component, the MBeans, the advanced properties admin UI, the property ID's and the MBean documentation relate to each other.

Related topics: Monitoring

Additional contributors: -- RichardWatts - 2018-03-20
Additional contributors: -- Ralph Schoon - 2019-02-20

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