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Report on the data in your CLM applications

Do you have data that is spread across many lifecycle tools and projects around your company? You can aggregate all of that data and show it in reports in a single view in a Jazz dashboard. Depending on the applications that you use, and the type of information that you want to report on, you can choose to report on data that is collected in a data warehouse or that is indexed by Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE).

You can use the ready-to-use and ready-to-copy reports to quickly generate and share information about your projects, or you can create new reports. Your reports can show trends in project or team progress and quality throughout a release, sprint, or a specific time range. Traceability reports can show how artifacts are linked across lifecycle tools. If you use the configuration management features in the RM and QM applications, you can use Report Builder and Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) to report on data in the configurations. You can export the report data in different formats, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, or HTML.

With Report Builder, it is easy to set up reports and integrate them with the CLM dashboards through the widget catalog. The Report Builder widget catalog includes the ready-to-use reports that cut across testing, requirements management, and change management. You can also share reports that you create.

Note: The following resources were created for a specific release, but also apply to later releases.


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Feature overview

  • Getting started: Try the sample reports – you can run the ready-to-use reports as is, or you can duplicate the ready–to-copy reports and modify them to suit your needs. Learn how to build simple cross project reports, for example showing unresolved work items for a release.

    Help topic: Sample reports 
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Guided tours

If you are new to Report Builder, you can get a quick introduction to the interface through the product tours on the Learn page at Click one of the product tour links in the Take a Tour section and learn how to create a simple report or a trend report.

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