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Repo Connection refused (Eclipse)

Gerhard Schneider (3111) | asked Dec 04 '12, 11:47 a.m.
Hello there,

after having installed the below mentioned Eclipse plug-in, and accepting the team invitation, an error is issued:

- Team Artifacts > Repository Connections > "CRJAZ6022E Cannot log into the following server: ... For more details..."
- Click on that entry > Log in > "CRJAZ1247I The request to the server failed. The server returned the http error 407 with error text 'Proxy Authentication Required (Forefront TMG requires authorization to fulfill the request. Access to the WEb Proxy filter is denied)' ..."

The connection via Web Browser works perfectly.

Are there any ideas how to fix this?

Rational Team Concert
Version: 4.0
Build id: RTC-I20120612-0919

Best regards,

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Ralph Schoon (62.7k33643) | answered Dec 04 '12, 1:02 p.m.
I would assume you have a special proxy in your environment and you have to specify that. You are not aware, because your browser is set up for it. Look at the connection settings of your browser and look up the proxy settings. Then set the connection properties according to this in Windows>Preferences>General>Network Connection.
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Gerhard Schneider commented Dec 04 '12, 1:35 p.m.

Thanks for the fast response. In fact, there is a proxy.pac with a huge bunge of rules. However, when switching the Eclipse networking to "Direct" (instead of "Native"), then the communication starts working. However, as there are other plugins which require "Native" (and do not work with "Direct"), this is just a workaround for the moment.

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Laura Fato (44178) | answered Mar 14 '13, 10:28 a.m.

Hi, I am having the same problem but I don't have any proxy in my borwser. I am trying to connect to http://localhost:9080/jts and I wonder if the http conection or the port number could be the problem or not. With the borwser I don't have any problem connecting. In RTC I have the same error mesage: "CRJAZ6022E Cannot log into the following server: ''. For more details, open the help system and search for CRJAZ6022E." Any idea?

Best Regards,


Ralph Schoon commented Mar 14 '13, 11:22 a.m.

Several things here. localhost should only be used as public URI for test systems that you are willing to throw away.

By default Jazz is set up to use HTTPS on a https port that is configured. You would connect for example as https://localhost:9443/jts/admin or https://localhost:9443/jts/web where the port may be different at your site. To switch off HTTPS  needs to be configured.

In the context of this question, you would not connect the Eclipse client to JTS but to https://localhost:9443/ccm or  https://localhost:9443/jazz (if you started with RTC 2.x)

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