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Value Provider error

VK L (8177151159) | asked Sep 12 '12, 3:01 a.m.
Hi All,
            I have created a dependent enumeration between 2 value-sets. When i select the values and then save, "it says value not applicable" for all the cases and the ccm.log gives below error:

2012-09-12 10:26:11,333 [ ccm: AsynchronousTaskRunner-0] ERROR
- Error invoking value provider ''
org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException: [object Error] ({"Bundle-SymbolicName":"org.dojotoolkit.dojo",
"path":"resources\\_base\\_loader", "name":"loader.js"}#414)
mozilla.javascript.gen.c2._c18({"Bundle-SymbolicName":"org.dojotoolkit.dojo", "path":"resources\\_base\\_loader",
at{"Bundle-SymbolicName":"org.dojotoolkit.dojo", "path":"resources\\_base\\_loader",

Please advise.


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Jorge Diaz (8664334) | answered Sep 12 '12, 4:38 a.m.
Hello Valli,

how is the configuration of these providers? If you look in the Process Configuration Source and look for "VALUE_PROVIDER._Z_J7gOUEEeGdYokq8f0lZw" you will find the script that is throwing the error.



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VK L (8177151159) | answered Sep 13 '12, 5:20 a.m.
Hi Jorge,
                 My script is as below: (It is providing the required output, but with above mentioned error in ccm.log). Moreover, another dependent value-set also gets saved, but points a red cross mark saying "value is not applicable - not affecting the working though)



(function() {
var WorkItemAttributes=;

dojo.declare("", null, {

    getValue: function(attributeId, workItem, configuration) {
      var aState= workItem.getValue(WorkItemAttributes.STATE);      
      if (aState == "CRWorkflow.state.s16") return "Build and Deploy Request";
      if (aState == "CRWorkflow.state.s17") return "RTC Service Request";         
      return " "; //No Match


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