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Expired 3.0.1 trial license blocked access to 10-free 4.0 licences after upgrade to RTC 4.0.

long TRUONG (3654104141) | asked Sep 11 '12, 4:52 p.m.
 This has been posted at the bottom of question but is re-posted here for visibility:

We have a POC (proof of concept) server to explore the RTC before we introduce any new ideas or upgrades, integration to the Prod server.

This POC server was on RTC 3.0.1 and we replaced the 3.0.1 trial licences, when they expired, with the 10-free 3.x licenses without a hitch. 

However when we upgrade to CLM 4.0, preceded by the upgrade to 10-free 4.0 licences:
  • all licences (QM connector, CC sync, Build, ...) other than developer seem to be OK when displayed
  • Only expired 3.0.1 trial Developer licences showed up on display.
  • 4 users were assigned expired 3.0.1 Developer licences. Hence having issues with license.
  • Try to add 10-free 4.0 Licences again, Only the 3.0.1 trial licences showed up for adding, though clicking Finish would get the total number of 4.0 licences (10) to show up, the available and assigned columns are blank. Users are still assigned to the expired trial 3.0.1 licences.
  • Unassigned licences from all users, still only expired trial Developer licences show up on user's picklist.and greyed out of course.
  • Have restarted the RTC server. Not getting anywhere.
  • Have downloaded another 10free licences file, and added, exactly same symptoms and outcome.

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long TRUONG (3654104141) | answered Sep 12 '12, 12:57 p.m.
  Found the answer to my issues: you cannot remove the trial licences of the current running server, but you can easily remove the trial licences of a previous version.

In my case I was allowed to remove the old 3.0.1 trial licenses, as the current server is at version 4.0. Once they are removed the 4.0 trial licences showed up, expired, but cannot be removed.

Now when I add the 10free 4.0 licences, the file is no longer blocked by the 3.0.1 trial licences.

Rational Team Concert 4.0 Developer 10 1 9
Expired Trial August 13, 2011
Rational Team Concert 4.0 Developer Trial 0
Expired Trial August 13, 2011
Rational Team Concert 4.0 Developer 10 Free 10

However,  it showed up as the bottom subset of the overall Developer Licences, the latter with the wrong overall expiry date, which also appears on licences assigned to users:

9 available (Expired On: August 13, 2011)

This is probably just a display bug or a misdisplay, as the licences are still allowed to be assigned and most of all, we can still obtain licences to work with the RTC. 

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