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"TypeError: _49 is undifined" happens while saving the plan

Aradhya K (1.4k44345) | asked Aug 16 '12, 6:52 a.m.
 When work items are created and saved on plan editor on WEB UI,
"TypeError: _49 is undifined" happens.
The error not always happens but it happens quite often.
When the error happens, the work items are saved,
but the order of the work item is changed,
so the user has to rearrange the order.
When only few(around 3) work items are created and saved, this error never happens.
When many(around 15) work items are created and saved, this error often happens.

Client environment is below.
  Web browser is Firefox3.6.28
  Windows XP SP3

We are using the customized Formal Project management Template.

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Aradhya K (1.4k44345) | answered Aug 16 '12, 6:53 a.m.
 Error while saving the work items formal project management (227182) is the related defect for this issue.
Further information can be found here.

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