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Triage vs Backlog vs Assign to next iteration

Mahari Hill (4861174230) | asked Jun 13 '14, 10:55 a.m.

CLM 4.0.6

I have an iteration that ends in August. I have a work item that I am not sure if we can commit to, but needs to be done sometime before the main release.

Should I put the state in Triage? Should I put it back on the backlog? Should I just put it to another future iteration set before release?

How are these 3 different? What do you all use?

thank you

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June Boston (1942638) | answered Jun 13 '14, 11:08 a.m.
 The Triage state in most processes indicates the work item in question has been assessed and put into the right place for it to be done (filed against the right category, placed in the correct iteration).

The backlog in an agile project should be the collection of all work that needs to be done on a project.  Generally, all your higher level or as-of-yet-unplanned work items will be in the backlog.  Are you using any sort of Priority ranking or value?  When planning each iteration, you can sort the items in the backlog by their priority, and move the most important ones into the iteration you are planning for (this can be done pretty nicely with dragging and dropping from a Plan View).

I believe the standard agile approach here would be to set the item priority as high and place it in the backlog.  If you are already assigning items to future iterations, then you could put this item in a future iteration where you will have time for it.  Setting the owner, priority, and planned for attributes are what the triaging process is, so you should also move it into a triage state when you decide what to do with it.

Mahari Hill commented Mar 10 '15, 9:17 a.m.

Hello June,

It's been a bit since you answered this, but I wanted to follow up. I understand what you wrote, but are you also saying that your process is New->Triage->In Progress?

If I log in and find 20 work items in New, should we move them to Triage "for (management) to find the right people to assign to" or does the state mean "we found the correct people/fields to fill in, but they have not started working on them yet"?

I am trying to find ownership of the state.

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