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How to migrate multi-select list that needs mapping?

Virginia Brown (9333941) | asked Jul 30 '12, 11:04 p.m.
I am migrating a multi-select list of States from ClearQuest to RTC using export / import.
In CQ, the list is of the form ME, NH  In RTC the list is Maine, New Hampshire  etc
A mapping has been set up to do the translation:
  <value sourceId="ME"  targetId="Maine" />
And the tab-separated list exported from CQ is turned into a comma separated list

This works fine if the list is one item, but it does not perform the mapping if there are more than one item
The list itself works -- if I do the substitutions by hand:
         Maine,New Hampshire  
the import works as well


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Yuhong Yin (25123) | answered Aug 01 '12, 10:59 a.m.
Can you clarify, for the example you used, what you see in the exported zip file? and what you have to do manually as a workaround?

By the way, you may want to look at this CQ->RTC importer enhancement since it might be related to the issue you ran into.
     Should be possible to map CQ Keywords to attributes presented by a Multi-Select List (176886).


Yuhong Yin
Dev Manager, CC-RTC/CQ-RTC Connectors and Integrations

Virginia Brown commented Aug 01 '12, 2:51 p.m. | edited Aug 01 '12, 2:52 p.m.

Yuhong - we're not actually using the importer. rather a one-time export from CQ, then import to RTC. We export from CQ into a csv, then manipulate it in Excel, then import as csv.

The multi-select list exports to Excel as a vertical-tab separated list (displays in the spreadsheet as one item per line)

We've found that to import into a multi-select RTC item it needs to be presented as a comma-separated list. That's what the SUBSTITUTE(<cell>,CHAR(13),",") transformation does in Excel.

A list of exact literals imports fine, but not if they need further translating.

Case 1: single item NY Translates to New York and imports properly into the multi-select list in RTC

Case 2: multiple items, literals: New York,Massachusetts,Connecticut imports properly into the multi-select list as three elements

Case 3: multiple items, needing translation NY,MA,CT attempts to add NY MA CT as three additional element, it does not try to use the mapping

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