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RTC ClearQuest importer - userid and Notes_Log

Sterling Ferguson-II (1.6k9284269) | asked Jan 23 '18, 11:09 p.m.

CLM 603

Hello all,

I read the help documentation and I read the RTC-ClearQuest importer limitations link. Date and Text field mapping and importing is pretty straightforward. Pick list values, although you have to put each value in the mapping...that's fine.
My issues:

1) It says it supports CQ Notes_Log, but I cannot get it to import into the RTC Comments field. I tried the targetId=internalComments and (from memory) and this isn't working. The client had the Notes Package, so I don't understand.

2) When you import a pick list, you have to name all of the CQ values mapped or else it will place values in your RTC enumeration, even if they are the same...fine. When you do contributor, owned_by, etc, do I have to list out all 200+ users? Or is this like a text field? The users are "jdoe" in CQ, and "jdoe" in RTC. (this is a big concern as I don't want to "run a test" and have it creating users)



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