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Import Test Scripts From Word Into RQM & Maintain RTF Formatting

Boris Samaru (111) | asked Jun 13 '12, 7:47 a.m.

I have set up an import from Word Test Scripts into RQM via the RQMExcelWordImporter. It generally seems to work, but I lose the Rich Text Formatting (Bold, Italic, Bullets etc).

Does anyone know a how to get the Rich Text Formatting to import?

I will doing a large number of scripts (about 600), so I really want it automated as much as possible.

Many Thanks,

Boris Samaru

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Jerry Shengulette (63914) | answered Jun 13 '12, 9:56 a.m.
This is a known issue currently being tracked at MS Excel Importer: rich text formating is not carried forward as part of the import (63507)

Feel free to post additional comments there as customer interest is always a factor in prioritizing.

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