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CRJAZ0106I-3.0 M8 Client. Missing services

Vivian Phou (1622) | asked Sep 20 '10, 7:13 p.m.
I've installed both jts and rtc client. cannot follow the rtc tutorial or create queries. always get CRJAZ0106I messages...

The messages are all related to "jts/service/..... was denied with a Not Available Status"
checked the version of server and client -
Client: version 3.0 build ID: RTC-I20100818-0916-30M8
server: jts 3.0 M8(RJF-I20100817-1819)

one of the error messages:
CRJAZ0106I The request for URL "/jts/service/" was denied with a Not Available status..

connected to https://localhost:9443/jts/service. A list of services came up and the above from the error message is not there. Why is that? What am I missing?

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Vivian Phou (1622) | answered Sep 22 '10, 1:50 p.m.
Problem solved.
I should be connecting to repository: https://localhost:9443/ccm/ instead of

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