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Collaboration between different Teams in Jazz Central View?

xiao bao (112) | asked Feb 24 '08, 6:01 p.m.

I am in a beginner of Jazz. I have some problem about how the collaboration between different teams works in Jazz Central View.

Jazz Central View allows team members to see what's going on in their team, and team members need a login account. However, when people from different teams want to collaborate on a program temporarily, e.g., person B from Team 2 wants to work with person A from Team 1 on Team 1's program. How can person B access in the Jazz Central View of Team 1? Dose B need to join Team 1? Or there's a temporal space for this kind of collaboration without add B into Team 1?

The collaboration between different teams will happen all the time. If we need to join a new team once this kind of collaboration happens, different teams will turn out to be a large team because every one can access each team's program.

I am just confused with how it works in Jazz. Thanks a lot.

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carlos roberto (21433028) | answered Feb 25 '08, 7:03 a.m.
Here I my answer but I dont know if is exactly what you want. In Jazz you can share your content with Team members or with the entire Team (deliver). I mean, you can create a private repository that you can share only with Team members. Note that each Team member can have his own private repository.

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xiao bao (112) | answered Feb 25 '08, 8:34 a.m.
Can this kind of private repository be shared with members from a different team?

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