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How does "Estimated" field work in Progress Bar of a workitem

Deepa M S (71) | asked Jun 06 '22, 6:16 a.m.
I would like to understand how "Estimated" field in Progress bar of Change Order  is calculated. Use case described below.
Change order has 3 child tasks

1.  "Estimate" is blank, "Estimated" field in Progress bar = 50%

2.  "Estimate" is 2h, 1h and 4h respectively., "Estimated" field in Progress bar = 88%

Request you to feedback asap.

Shailee Sinha commented Jun 07 '22, 3:29 a.m. | edited Jun 07 '22, 3:39 a.m.

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Ralph Schoon (63.0k33645) | answered Jun 07 '22, 1:58 a.m.

 Please consider this article:

The Estimated bar shows the percentage of all execution items that have the estimate attribute set. I assume the one shown on the plan item works the same.

Deepa M S commented Jun 07 '22, 2:23 a.m.

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for the feedback. I have read through this article. But I did not understand how exactly is the percentage calculated. Ideally in above use case described, first use case should have had 0% since none of the tasks were estimated. In second case, I have all 3 tasks are estimated, hence it should have been 100%. But tool shows 50% and 88% respectively.

It would really be great if you could explain the above use case for better understanding.

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Ralph Schoon (63.0k33645) | answered Jun 07 '22, 4:52 a.m.
edited Jun 07 '22, 4:53 a.m.

 I can't explain it. I can only refer to another answer:

 And I created an example and I can not really explain it either. 
The example is Story (208), Child task (209) child task (210). None of the tasks is estimated yet. I had set the story points for the story once, but changed it back to 0.

This is what the progress shows:

So it considers the execution items (child) as well as the story itself. but I do not understand the estimate.

I set the category for all, the user for all and estimated the story points and the estimates for the child items, The estimates do seem to make sense now, but however items with story points and items with hours % not so much.

Deepa M S commented Jun 07 '22, 5:25 a.m.

Thank you Ralph. I was trying to understand the logic behind this "estimated" field.  But the link you provided doesn't provide the details of the logic. Definitely someone from IBM development team would be aware of this.

Ralph Schoon commented Jun 07 '22, 6:52 a.m.

I have provided as much as I can at this time. I can not say how the calculation works. I can only say that the Estimated%  is intended to provide a guidance on how many (in %) of the involved items are estimated. The idea is to give some idea of how accurate the estimation is. If the estimate is 50 hours, but only 10% of the items are actually estimated, you know that the numbers are far off. 

The progress and estimate includes the whole parent child hierarchy, including the parent, for all I can tell. The progress is only shown on plan items. The execution items have time estimate.

This is the best I can do at the moment. Maybe a feature developer looks at this and can expand on it.

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