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RQM export test case execution records category values are missing in the extract

Karen Steele (1.2k1134137) | asked Nov 06 '20, 7:30 a.m.
We have filtered out our TCERs to a specific plan and stream - looking at the result, the column for stream is populated across the board (the stream is the TC category, NOT a TCER category in its own right).

We select all records and download them.  The resulting file does not consistently display the stream value (along with other categories that fall into the same scenario).  Out of a possible 250 records, 25% of the records are exported without the stream value.

I have vetted the data, and I don't see anything that would indicate the why on this.

This version is rather old, so I'm hoping it a bug that has long since been resolved.  Version 5.0.2 ifix24

Anybody else seen this and know what the issue is or what I should be looking at ?

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Monika Rajput (25612) | answered Dec 04 '20, 4:15 a.m.

Hi Karen,

This should not happen but as this is very old version, it might be a bug.
Please work with support for further investigation.
You can raise a support request here:

Monika Rajput

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Karen Steele commented Dec 04 '20, 6:27 a.m.

Agreed this should not happen ... the client instance will be upgraded in the next 6 months, so I don't think they'll want to pursue support at this time - thanks for the response however, your synopsis was the same as mine "old version"

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