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What does "TypeError: _27 is undefined" mean wrt RTC when importing xml into a Plan

Ben Sharples (812656) | asked Jan 31 '20, 10:16 a.m.
I am importing an MsP xml file into an RTC plan to add new tasks and stories to the backlog plan.

When using the importer there is the option to Map 'Summary Tasks' and 'Task' to different workitems.

For some of my workitem types I get the following error:
    "TypeError: _27 is undefined"
and then am unable to import to that workitem type.

This does not occur for all workitem types, only some, so feels a configuration issue rather than a problem with the xml source file

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Ben Sharples (812656) | answered Feb 03 '20, 10:20 a.m.
Found the issue.

It was because I didn't have any of the states set to have the 'OSLC' group (Open, In-Progress, Closed, Verified) set to 'Closed'

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Bharath Rao (88531) | answered Feb 02 '20, 10:30 p.m.

 Hello Ben,

You mentioned that the error is seen only for a few work items, which means, there could be some attributes in those work item which is likely the cause of the error.

In general, the below checks could help in such cases:
a. Ensure the timelines in XML are set appropriately and they exist in RTC. Also, check the preconditions on attributes.
b. Check if there are any errors in CCM log files / network trace(Browser Developer Tools) noted while importing the XML
c. To narrow down further, reduce the number of columns, export the XML and import to RTC until you find the problem.

Hope it helps!


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