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RQM 101 Using a build with a test

Mahari Hill (4861163230) | asked Dec 12 '19, 2:54 p.m.

CLM 606

We're using RQM as a stand alone for a group. They (when first starting) created Build Records and a couple of Build Definitions thinking of connecting tests to builds. First thing:
  • What is a Build Record and Build Definition? Seems silly, but looking at the CLM help tells you how to create one, but not what they are used for. Seems weird.
  • How to connect builds to tests? When viewing old videos on youtube about executing tests, there is a part where they are selecting a build, but we don't seem to have that. Is this a Custom Attribute that we create? If so, why create Build Records at all?
I may be missing some selections. But I do not see a build option in any execution record or when I execute any test.

thanks for any help...

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Subhajit Bhuiya (6222) | answered Dec 24 '19, 2:21 a.m.

 You can use build to start running execution schedule. If you are using RTC for build, we have direct integration with RQM where you can run a set of tests (Execution Schedule) once build is successful. If you are using 3rd party tool, you can use Reportable REST APi or OSLC API to create / update a build record in RQM against a build definition once a build activity is over.

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