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While adding attachments to a test Script using RQM Excel Importer plugin, The tase case title gets prefixed to the attachment name. We need to have only file names.

anup Gaur (1392444) | asked May 16 '19, 11:32 p.m.

 We are using Rational Quality manager 6.0.6. While importing Test cases and Test Scripts using RQMExcelImporter we have attachments given as absolute file paths. The attachments do get upload.

The issue is that the name of the file are getting prefixed with Test Case names and causing usability issue. Many steps in the test script have attachments and all of them having long names is difficult to read and slows the user down. Can this be fixed by giving some configuration value etc.? 

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Monika Rajput (25612) | answered May 28 '19, 5:11 a.m.
Hi Anup,

The attachments are getting prefixed with Test Case names for making them testcase specific.
This can not be fixed by giving some configuration value. You can open a defect here: Open a defect.
We will investigate the issue once defect is created.

Monika Rajput

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