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Requirement reports in RQM when using Classic Doors

Abhishek Biswas (52113) | asked Feb 07 '19, 9:58 p.m.
edited Feb 12 '19, 3:35 a.m. by Mehul Patel (9695)
We use Classic DOORS for requirements management and RQM for Test Management.

With regards to the same, we want to set up reports related to requirement coverage ( as mentioned in Jazz Help )

We have the requirements collection and requirements link set up properly, however there is no data displayed in the reports.
Same is the behavior when we try to create reports with reportbuilder.

What is the reason for this? Is the information of the links saved on the DOORs side and not on the RQM side ?
How does reconcile requirements feature work then?

Can you kindly suggest ways of generating Requirement coverage reports with Classic Doors / RQM combination.

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Mehul Patel (9695) | answered Feb 08 '19, 3:19 a.m.


Requirement coverage reports are supported with DOORS 9 and RQM, I suspect something isn't correct with your DOORS/DWA/RQM configuration - 
  - What is the version of DOORS and RQM?
  - Have you configured DWA with fully qualified domain name of the server? You can check the module URL from the module property window to check the URL is being displayed? Domain name in this URL is identical to the one you used while establishing the RQM-DOORS friendship?
  - I believe you have configured DCN properly while configuring the DWA, please check.

Please check above points and if the configuration is proper then it should support requirement reconciliation as well as reporting.


Abhishek Biswas selected this answer as the correct answer

Abhishek Biswas commented Feb 12 '19, 2:44 a.m.
Hi Mehul,
Could you tell if everything is ok or any more info in required?
 Doors -    RQM - 6.0.6 iFix3

Module url is also identical with alias name in DCN info.

Module url :

DCN info : -I- DBADMIN: Data Change Notifications are currently enabled (Broker URI = 'tcp://', Channel Name = 'dcn').

RQM Details: Location:

Mehul Patel commented Feb 12 '19, 3:34 a.m.
Integration seems correct, I assume data collection jobs are successfully running, please check. I've tagged this question with DOORS for broader audience response.

Abhishek Biswas commented Feb 17 '19, 11:27 p.m.
Thanks Mehul.

I checked with our back end team.
We do not have DCC jobs running (due to some issues faced when we tried last time).

Guess that answers why we do not see BIRT or ReportBuilder reports

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