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How do I create a View in RDNG/RM that I can use across many Folders?

Hugh Lippincott (196) | asked Dec 21 '18, 7:51 p.m.

 We are using a sandbox of DNG 6.0.4 to explore use of shared / reused standard requirements and their verification tests across multiple product requirement modules.  We put subsets of base artifact requirements in subfolders each covering a requirements area: Environmental, Safety, etc.

Note: Configuration Management has been turned on, but not specifically activated to my knowledge.

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All the requirements are the same artifact type with the same attributes, types of linkages, etc.  In one subfolder of requirements, we create a detailed View for review of status of those requirements.  We want to see the same items in the next subfolder. So, go to the next subfolder, see the standard view of its requirement artifacts, Select the new detailed View, and POOF(magic?) we see the detailed list of requirements from the original subfolder. <o:p> </o:p>

Must we create unique, specially named Views for every subfolder of requirements? <o:p> </o:p>

Hugh Lippincott commented Dec 24 '18, 8:51 a.m.
It is possible that a View is completely disconnected.

Now, after rearranging some of my folders, when I select one View, from a folder of base artifacts, I'm told that there are no artifacts in the view.

If I scroll through the Folder view, there is no Folder that is highlighted as the empty folder that the View is trying to display.
This is confirmed when I (-) the filter button and get the message: 
"To show artifacts, select a folder or other filter."

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Carol Watson (69311) | answered Dec 28 '18, 1:17 p.m.

 Hi Hugh,

When you created the first View, you did so with the sub-folder selected, correct?  If unsure, expand the Filter and I think you'll see it includes the sub-folder name.  That's why you see the same requirements (from the original sub-folder) when you click on the View from another sub-folder.  If you want to apply the same View to each sub-folder, the only way I know of is to edit the original view to change the Folder name, then save it as a new view with a different name. Repeat for each sub-folder.   


Hugh Lippincott selected this answer as the correct answer

Hugh Lippincott commented Dec 28 '18, 8:23 p.m.

Thanks, you are correct that the (sub)Folder is/was present as a filter;
Multiple Folders may be added so you see ALL of that type artifact in those Folders, and so that no Folder as a filter = all Folders (seems to need a filter of the artifact type).

And editing the filter for a new Folder and saving with a new name works to create a View for each Folder

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