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The asset folder is not present in the current configuration in DNG

Rajat Krishnan (70117) | asked Feb 22, 1:13 a.m.
Hello Team,
Today i was working on of the old DNG module, but i am getting below error and warning message
ID CRRRW7551E  The item that you are trying to view cannot be found in the database. It might have been deleted by another user. Refresh your browser, by using the refresh push button near the top of the page to ensure that your display is up-to-date with the current database content.
Unable to load https://xyz/rm/folders/FR_4N-385zlEeWg_bODIE5JTQ?dojo.preventCache=1708581475191 status: 410
xyz/rm/web/_js/?include=I~&etag=IDAc9ornSkr_en_US&_proxyURL=%2Frm&ss=ZHhvB&locale=en-us:2647:14 _8@https://xyz/rm/web/_js/?include=I~&etag=IDAc9ornSkr_en_US&_proxyURL=%2Frm&ss=ZHhvB&locale=en-us:5669:4 _16@https://xyz/rm/web/_js/?include=I~&etag=IDAc9ornSkr_en_US&_proxyURL=%2Frm&ss=ZHhvB&locale=en-us:5688:5

URL: https://xyz/rm/folders/FR_4N-385zlEeWg_bODIE5JTQ

Error 410: Gone

Item URI: https://xyz/rm/folders/FR_4N-385zlEeWg_bODIE5JTQ, ID: _4N-385zlEeWg_bODIE5JTQ.

Requirements Management/7.0.2 SR1
The asset folder is not present in the current configuration.
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ID CRRRW7593W  The module asset folder could not be found. Change the module asset folder location or ensure that you have delivered the asset folder to this configuration.

Now my question is
What is asset folder and how can i resolve above issue with no impact on data

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Ian Barnard (1.9k613) | answered Feb 22, 5:42 a.m.

 Hi - assuming you have access to support, you should create a support case to get help with this.

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