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DOORS NG How to add a tag to over 1000 artifacts at once?

Krishna Kumar (1315) | asked Apr 17 '18, 3:25 p.m.

 We have over 10K requirements and would like to add a tag to say 1500 or 1600 at a time, in one swoop.  Is there a way to do it?  If we try to query and display them, only a maximum of 200 can be displayed per page.  This means we could select 200 and add tag them, and repeat this several times to get the 1600 or so requirements.

It appears that we cannot increase the page size to display more than 200 in  a page, if we had a way to make that unlimited, perhaps we could have done it.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

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Jan Jancar (736) | answered Apr 18 '18, 2:09 a.m.

 Hi Krishna

filter the 1600 artifacts using standard filters, save it as view and then using right click on the pen you will get option to edit attributes which will also  do mass update of the tags.
My test environment was DNG 6.0.5

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