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What is the best way to migrate Rational Asset Manager to new server and version?

Tommy Moris (11) | asked Mar 20 '18, 9:24 a.m.

Situation of our current Rational Asset Manager:

Single server setup (Not clustered)
running on WebSphere version (We don't use any included WebSphere, but instead set up a WebSphere server first, and then install RAM on it)
Database is Oracle (I believe v11 at least)

In previous update (from, WebSphere 7.0.0.x), we did a migrate to a new server. (In my company, we are not allowed to do inline upgrades of WebSphere), which went successfully.
Now we want to upgrade to the latest version of RAM on a PureApp VM with WebSphere One of the reasons we want to migrate is the end-of-support date of WebSphere 8.0, which is the 30'th of April.

However, the person who was charged with this upgrade process, ran into several issues. One of them is that apparently, the server name is somewhere saved in encrypted form in database. (PMRs were created, but without success) This makes a migration to a new server far more difficult.

I am now handled this task and would like to know: is there a way to accomplish this migration after all?
For reference, we have 2 testing environments in which we can do the migration first, before attempting the actual migration in production.

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Rahul Choudhary (662) | answered Mar 22 '18, 1:13 p.m.

 Hi Tommy,

Are you
  1.  upgrading the Rational Asset Manager ( RAM) say from to on the same system, or 
  2. your intention is to migrate all assets/data from one RAM server to another RAM server on a different machine ?

in case you are doing the first the ram setup page can do the upgrade/migration for you.
if you are doing the second you can refer the below link.

Hope it helps.


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Tommy Moris (11) | answered Apr 09 '18, 3:11 a.m.


it is scenario 2 I want to execute.
I have started with the steps listed in the document, but I am hitting already a first obstacle:

When creating the lib for export, there is a step where you need to select all the assets and add them to the library. Unfortunately, when I try this, I get no reaction. (Task -> Add all results)
I have understood that there is a bug in RAM (My version) that severely limits adding assets to a library.

So now I am wondering what would be the best steps to do next:
- First upgrade my current RAM to the last version
- Then setup a new empty RAM server with new WebSphere, but with same RAM version
- Finally migrate assets,... from old to new server with the guide you provided

Is this a good scenario, or are there better alternatives?

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Rahul Choudhary (662) | answered Apr 11 '18, 10:13 a.m.

This looks good Tommy.

Another way would be to:

1.  take backup of your Database ,the index, persist, local folders and also the themes folder if you made any customizations.

2. Install the New version of RAM server.

3. Restore Database backup

4. Through ram.setup point to the backed up DB , Index, persist ,local folders.

5. Also if you have any custom lifecycles you can export and import them from one RAM server to Another.

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