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How do I install the RAM embedded WAS server?

Stephen Hurst (1112) | asked May 16 '13, 1:27 p.m.
I am trying to install RAM on Linux x86_64 and intend to use the embedded WAS server. I am using the installation instructions that are available here:

At step 12 the instructions say:
On the next Features page, in the Select application server list, select the application server:
- Packaged embedded WebSphere Application Server: Installs a new embedded WebSphere Application Server and deploys the Rational Asset Manager server setup application. If you choose this option, go to step 13.
- WebSphere Application Server: ...

Of course I want to select Packaged embedded WebSphere Application Server, but that option doesn't exist. On the first features page I see the following:
[ ] IBM Rational Asset Manager server
   [ ] Migration to new application server

Whether I check the Migration to new application server box or not, on the next features page I only have the option to select WebSphere Application Server. I'm sure I've done something silly so that the Packaged embedded WebSphere Application Server option doesn't display but I'm at a loss for what has gone wrong. Most Google searches point me at instructions for upgrading the embedded WAS, but getting it installed in the first place would be a good start! Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Cheers, Steve

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Michel Morin (31) | answered May 16 '13, 3:48 p.m.
 Hi Steve,

The packaged embedded WebSphere Application Server that is installed as part of Rational Asset Manager is 32bit only, therefore, to get the option in the drop down list, you need to select 32bit architecture during the install ( It's found on the same panel where you select the install location ), which is the default, but you may have selected 64bit.   Note that your Linux server needs to be able to support 32bit applications.


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