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Why can't I access artifacts in a new DNG 6.0.4 project?

Jonathon Atchley (315) | asked Mar 16 '18, 12:17 p.m.

When I try to access the (empty) artifacts section in a project I create in DNG 6.0.4, it never loads them and I see it giving me a warning and an error about the new project I just created not having a component because it maybe predated components.  it doesn't even provide an error code to reference.  This was a DNG instance upgraded to 6.0.4 from 6.0.2 and the other actual pre-existing projects all work fine.

Am I missing something?

The log I see is:

“WARN - Unable to retrieve component information for <project>.  The parent project <project> may have existed before Components were enabled”

“ERROR - Invalid or incomplete well known type cache encountered for component <URI> because <null>.  Skipping well-known output, Content discovered is ‘list of existing public types with ERROR prefix’”

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Daniel Barbour (2338) | answered Mar 19 '18, 9:40 a.m.

I ran into this problem in the past as well and has been fully addressed in 6.0.5 but there is a workaround in 6.0.4. 
Unfortunately - any new projects you created in 6.0.4 that exhibit this problem are not (as far as I know) salvageable and you will to permanently archive them.

Refer to

Before creating a new project - make sure you have the latest iFix applied to 6.0.4 and then configure the Advanced Property ProjectCreationDelay with a value of 10000 (or higher).

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