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Changing / adding default values in Work Item field like "Planned For", "Found In" etc?

Sukhpal Biran (112) | asked Nov 20 '17, 10:37 a.m.

Hi, I am trying to change default values in work item drop downs/ selections that we are using so wanted to change/add content to fields like “Planned For”, “Found In”, “Filed Against” etc

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I could not find any help for doing this?

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Ralph Schoon (63.0k33645) | answered Nov 20 '17, 11:05 a.m.
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I would suggest reading the slides attached to to get started.

A default value does not sow up in drop down boxes - that is just a ui value picker. A default value is the value an attribute has when the work item is initially created. Attribute customization allows them: also see

But since when a work item is created, there is no useful information, default values almost never make any sense, except maybe the ones you define in a enumeration as the global default (which could and more often than not is unassigned).

It is possible to define custom value sets (again or the process enactment workshop ). Note that the JavaScript API is very limited and can not really do anything with complex attributes such as filed against and you would need the Java API to really do anything useful (see ).

Also read: , ,

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Stephen Woo (9610) | answered Nov 20 '17, 11:01 a.m.
 Hi Sukhpal,
I could be wrong. As far as I know a project admin cannot change the default values of "Planned For,"Found In," and "Filed Against." I'm guessing that these attributes are treated differently than custom enumerations, such as priority.
I tested 6.0.5, and found that there are no way to default to a value other than "unassigned."
Two possible work-arounds that you might consider.
You can use the function "Create a Work Item Copy" (upper right hand corner showing overlapping page icon) and re-use currently filled-out fields.
You can also create a template for the work item. Here is the user guide
Good luck with your work.

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Stephen Woo (9610) | answered Nov 20 '17, 11:04 a.m.
 In particular, in the User Guide
Use the Define Attribute Variables page to define the Filed Against and Planned For attributes as template variables.
When you define these attributes as template variables, you can set the attribute values each time that you use the template to create work items. If you do not define these attributes as template variables, their values are inherited from the project area where the template was created. If you later import the template into another project area with different team areas and a different timeline structure, an error similar to this one is displayed:

Cannot save the work item template on the server. Value "Scrum/Team" cannot be assigned to attribute "ChangeRequest:filedAgainst"

In this example,  Scrum/Team  is the name of the team area that is stored in the Filed Against attribute in the work item template.

When you import a template into a new project area, you can assign values to the attributes that are defined as template variables. For all other attributes, the field values in the work items that you used to create the template are used in the new work items.

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