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How can I create an enumeration list that display like a drop down list?

Bob Ferguson (89835) | asked Sep 18 '17, 9:48 a.m.

I am using RTC 6.0.3.  We have finally upgraded from CLM 3.x to CLM 6.0.3.

In the past I could create an enumeration and then create an attribute using that enumeration.  I would then add that attribute to an editor presentation.  The new attribute would display as a drop down list on a work item.

Now when I create the attribute I can only select enumeration list and then I have to select check boxes, hidden, etc..

I do not want to have multiple choice selections and I want a drop down list even if I have multiple choice.

I went back to where I created the enumeration and I did not see a selection that allowed me to select enumeration vs. enumeration list.  I have only tried this using the Web UI, do I need to use an RTC client?

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Christian Winkler (1341523) | answered Sep 19 '17, 5:50 a.m.

I am still on 6.0.2.
I first have to create the enumeration "enum_xy". Then I create a new attribute I have to chose the type:

In webUI: There I can use type "enum_xy" or type "enum_xy (Enumeration list)".
In client: There I can use type "enum_xy (Enumeration)" or type "enum_xy (Enumeration list)".

When I now add it to the editor, in client I can chose between "Enumeration" and "Radio Group", but in webUI it seems to be a dropdown list by default.

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