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Reporting service - any way to determine which report are in which data warehouse?

Norman Dignard (356692173) | asked Aug 28 '19, 1:42 p.m.

Over the past years of using JAZZ somewhere alone the way a 2nd data warehouse was created and some user created reports got saved to the 2nd DW.  Both RS data sources have the same connection info, they only differ by name.

I cannot delete the 2nd DW as one needs to first delete the reports it houses. The problem with this is you can't tell which report are housed in which DW.  Only on trying to delete the DW does it return a list of reports which may not be a complete listing. 
I need to delete these reports in order to delete the 2nd DW.

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Norman Dignard (356692173) | answered Aug 29 '19, 9:33 a.m.

I've managed to find and export all the 2nd dw reports and imported them back into the primary dw in RS and deleted the second one as jazz admin.

Using this same account i was able to run the reports prior to moving them from one dw to the other. These same reports now don't return any results. I had a user try them and they work for them. I even added the admin account into the project used by the report but again nothing.   I've also ran all DCC jobs again with not results in the report.

any ideas why this is happening? 

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