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Can the statement about "wrapping jar" for DCC ifix be ignored in this scenario ?

Kevin Ramer (4.5k8180199) | asked Sep 01 '17, 11:24 a.m.

Running CLM 6.0.2 w ifix02 and looking to "modernize".   In readme for ifix12 it speaks to a new datacollection jar file:

 Note: The wrapping jar file last changed in iFix005. If you have already deployed this file as part of installing iFix005 or later, you do not have to do these steps again. Installing the wrapping jar file allows DCC ETL jobs to be scheduled from the Insight server. However, It should be noted that installing this on AIX is not supported because Insight does not support AIX.
To install the wrapping jar patch with Data Collection Component:
a. Open the <DCC_Install_Directory>\server\conf\dcc\ file.
b. Locate the parameter, change its value to false, and save/close the file.
   For example:
c. Back up inside <DCC_Install_Directory>\server\conf\dcc\wrapper\lib directory.
d. Delete the existing
.jar file from this directory.
e. Paste the new DCC wrapper jar into this directory.
f. Restart the DCC server.
I only just noticed two things in the Note: paragraph:  1) Insight and 2) AIX   I know that Insight can run on AIX, but some of the Insight infrastructure requires Windows ( ETL jobs, if memory serves ).  We have Cognos BI, but depend on DCC for data collection.  

So: should I just drop the server patch into the patch folder and bounce the DCC application server ( and Load Jobs ) to effect install of newer ifix ?

Thanks in advance,


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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Sep 04 '17, 1:02 a.m.

The section "7. ADDITIONAL FIXES INSTRUCTIONS" in the readme file list quite a few DCC defects, and you should check whether your environment is affected by any of them. Below are the work items backported to the 6.0.2 stream after iFix002. (you may be interested in this one, at least)

Kevin Ramer commented Sep 05 '17, 8:23 a.m.

The readme for ifix12 mentions several work items (e.g. 401422 related to 398908 ) all point back to item #3 DATA COLLECTION COMPONENT.   So the question remains:

Follow the steps in ifix05 for the, but do the other things for ifix12 ? ( which is where I want to end up )

Daniel Barbour commented Sep 07 '17, 2:55 p.m.

 Kevin .. I see its been a few days so you've probably already gone past this point but it sounds like you are dealing with the same ReadMe.txt instruction confusion I first encountered.  Every iFix from iFix005 to iFix012 included the new datacollection.wrapper.jar file and the only purpose of the reference to iFix005 is to basically say 'hey - if you already updated this jar file in one of the earlier patches you don't need to do it again"

Since you were jumping from iFix002 to iFix012 then upgrade the DCC jar file (which is included in the iFix012 zip file) and perform the other steps as well.  If/when later iFixes come out you can ignore the instruction (unless IBM includes a newer DCC jar file).  

The funny thing is - this same instruction is included in the 6.0.4 iFixes even though that jar file was already included with GA deployment of 6.0.4.

Kevin Ramer commented Sep 07 '17, 3:46 p.m.


You said DCC jar, I hope you meant this jar:

Right now there is no server/conf/dcc/wrapper folder and that the readme mutters about AIX, I'm inclined to ignore this altogether...


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