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Access at the artifact level

Rajat Singh (59833545) | asked Oct 03 '12, 1:52 a.m.


I have created a role using RTC client. This role just has the permission to execute test cases under Project configuration.

I have created a user and given him this role. Have also given him Quality Professional license and added him to the relevant project area.

However, when I try to login with this user id, I get a message saying that the 'You have logged in successfully but do not have access to the project area, Contact Administrator".

The user is added to the relevant project area but still this error is seen.
I then added Team member role tried again, the user was able to login now.

So the issue seems to be with the role.
Could you any one please let me know if there are any mandatory permissions that needs to be given to the user to login to QM?

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Jared Burns (4.5k29) | answered Oct 03 '12, 10:52 a.m.
With QM's default access control, simply adding your user to the project area is enough to give them access. If I understand your steps correctly, the user should have had access as soon as you added them to the project area.

Can you describe exactly how you added the user to the project area in RQM? And can you also double-check the Access Control tab of your RQM project area and confirm that it says it is visible to all members of the project?

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