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RM DNG 6.0.4, Cannot right click module, Generate Report for Artifact, Print Module Book and Print Module Table return error 400 ID CRRRW7553E

Richard K (256) | asked Aug 30 '17, 4:10 p.m.


In RM / DNG 6.0.4, when I right-click a module, select Generate Report For Artifact, select Print Module Book or Print Module Table, and follow all the prompts, DNG returns the error below. Is this just my database / server, or is it happening for others?



An error has occurred while processing a server request. The server returned this error code: 400.
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ID CRRRW7553E  A message that was received from the server indicates an error with no specific handler.
Unable to load status: 400
Error: Unable to load status: 400 at new _6 ( at _11._6 [as handleResponse] ( at XMLHttpRequest._13 (
Error 400: Bad Request
token is expected to be in 'name/value' format (More info found at entry [8c0f1c9f84ef9c54] in the RM application server log)

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Daniel Barbour (25013) | answered Aug 30 '17, 5:47 p.m.

 Richard K.  

Reports worked in RM 6.0.4 for me, but I did have an initial issue where the report generation appeared to 'hang' indefinitely, this may not be your particular issue but I'm including the details here....   

When I looked at the Server machine it was showing an error message box stating "OIVT Sample Application Error – missing MSVCR120.dll…" 

You didn't say what version you were running prior to 6.0.4 - but starting with 6.0.3 a newer 64-bit VC++ Redistributal package was needed (Visual C++ Redistributable Visual Studio 2013) see for more information. 

Once I installed the new package and restarted the server I was able to generate a report for a module.

Richard K commented Aug 31 '17, 8:55 a.m.

Thanks for the response Daniel. However, it's an IBM cloud server, so I won't be able to do anything you've suggested. Also, the report doesn't hang; it immediately displays the error 400 ID CRRRW7553E.

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