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When I try exporting a template from the Eclipse client, it is not in the list - have I configured something wrong?

Vicky Pagnaer (63125) | asked Jun 14 '17, 5:50 a.m.

 We have created multiple work item templates. However, when I go to Eclipse - Export and select "Work item template", in the next screen only 2 of the 6 templates are available to be exported.

The Project Area is correct but the Available Templates list shows only two templates.

In the Template configuration screen (Process Configuration > Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items > Templates) I can see all six shared templates and I have the option to change the name/description or remove them.

All templates were created by me, so I don't know why I can only export 2 out of 6? As far as I know, there weren't any changes to permissions/license for my user. Are there any other settings I should check? Or should I log a defect?

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