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OSLC integration authentication problem

Glenn Watkins (88242) | asked Feb 09 '16, 12:42 a.m.
Good Morning
We are using RTC V5.0

I am getting the following error in our logs;

2016-02-09 06:20:57,965 [WebContainer : 3 @@ 06:20 <unauthenticated> /ccm/oslc/workitems/_g4YPMsQQEeWu--ONZFjhSw/progressTracking]  WARN                               - Unhandled Exception

1) I understand the "_g4YPMsQQEeWu--ONZFjhSw" to be the work item in question, how do I search for this    work item using the above string? 

2) How do I interpret the message?

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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Kot T. (1.5k11219) | answered Feb 09 '16, 4:48 p.m.
Hi Glenn,

If you try https://<server:port>/ccm/oslc/workitems/_g4YPMsQQEeWu--ONZFjhSw, it should give you full details about the work item (including its ID).

Alternatively, you can try the following URL to pull the work item's info:

Glenn Watkins commented Feb 11 '16, 4:46 a.m.

 Hi Kot

Thank you very much for your reply, your solution works however it gives me an exception stating that "the record was not found in the database"

19:04,489 [WebContainer : 20 @@ 07:19 <unauthenticated> /ccm/oslc/workitems/_Sogm8qgTEeWYlaOtwuyyCA/progressTracking]  WARN                               - Unhandled Exception
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: CRJAZ0215E The following record was not found in the database: (stateId: null, itemId: [UUID _Sogm8qgTEeWYlaOtwuyyCA], origin: <unset>, immutable: <unset>)


Kot T. commented Feb 11 '16, 4:06 p.m.

Hi Glenn,

If I am not mistaken, I think /progressTracking provides plan-related info. The 'record not found' error can sometimes indicate data corruption. This depends on the type of the records that are missing.

If the work items still exist, but cannot be accessed due to the error and if there are multiple work items being impacted, I would suggest that you engage IBM Support to review the issue.

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