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Can You Create Multi Select Radio Buttons?

Rob Olsen (351243) | asked Feb 05 '17, 12:28 a.m.

I searched the forum for this question and didn't come up with anything recent that you can do.  We are currently using CLM 6.0.3.  Customer is looking to have a "multi select" radio button where that can select anywhere from 1 to 10 items.  Is this possible in RTC?  I read something about using a "string" but that doesn't seem to work.  Any other ideas out there?

Was also interested in a horizontal list or radio buttons versus vertical, but I guess there is only an RFE out there on this topic at this time.

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Ralph Schoon (61.5k33643) | answered Feb 05 '17, 10:32 a.m.
edited Feb 05 '17, 10:42 a.m.

Radio buttos are always only one is selected - that is the nature of radio buttons. You can use a multi select checkbox presentation. There is no horizontal version.

You use an attribute of type enumerationList. For each attribute type defined there is a list type. E.g. if you create a custom enumeration called "choice" you have an attribute type "choiceList" which can be used for multi select. See and Workaround: Migrate from Rational Team Concert 3.X string attribute used as multi-select lists to RTC 4.X enumeration lists for a bit background.

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