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does anyone try to link the PAs children to whole new master template?

Mohamed Samatar (131126) | asked May 01 '19, 12:32 p.m.


  1. Master template A1 link to 12 PAs & based CCM version 5.0.2 Agile template (more than 8 years)
  2. New Master template A2 (unless than 1 year) was created & based on Jazz CCM version 6.0.6 ifix 6 (agile template).
  3. Copied the above in the Dev environment.
  4. Link the 12 PAs è Master template A2 (I received lot of error the first time I open the one of the child)
  5. Master template A2: 29 new elements (attributes, state, action, ….). the 29 elements do exist in the Master template A1.
> So the question is how can we accomplish the activities?

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