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Project area history is not loading in web client

vinay kumar bondugula (7311948) | asked Aug 14 '19, 3:06 a.m.


The project areas history page using web client is not loading i.e. a blank screen for the history of the project areas for CCM application. I have verified the same on other applications like CCM2 (second instance) and RM and able to view the history of project areas. We are able to view the history of project areas using Eclipse client in CCM. We did not performed changes in recent times except the code collaborator latest plugin upgrade on CCM and CCM2. The code collaborator we have already tested in test servers which also has CCM and CCM2 and issue is not produce in test. Please let us know how do we fix this issue and in case of any information.


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vinay kumar bondugula (7311948) | answered Oct 03 '19, 5:20 a.m.

Restarting the server after clearing the cache fixed the issue.

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