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Moving DCC, RS and LQE Off of JTS Server to Separate Server

Rob Olsen (3512052) | asked Jan 03 '16, 12:17 p.m.

After I went through and upgraded my JTS to 6.0, I also installed DCC, RS and LQE.  I unfortunately found out that these guys really slow things down on the server due to the report gathering and processing and it was recommended that these be installed on a separate server.  I was handed the procedure "Workarounds: Data Collection Component Problems in Jazz Reporting Service 6.0" which identified the steps to backup and then remove .war files and directories.  I followed the steps for both my JTS server and CCM server.  There is nothing in these steps that states to unregister DCC, LQE and RS or remove the keys from the Consumers (Inbound).  I would assume I should unregister and also remove the authorized keys from the Consumers (Inbound) but is there anything that I need to do first before I do this?  Are there certain steps that I should follow before just deleting these?  I do want to eventually re-install DCC, LQE and RS on a separate server and I do not want to mess this up.  This is a production system so just playing it safe.  Any help is appreciated. 


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Arun K Sriramaiah (3.2k13277) | answered Jan 04 '16, 9:44 a.m.
Hi Rob,

Please find the below link for migrating to a new server.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Rob Olsen commented Feb 05 '16, 9:21 p.m.

No, that really didn't help.  I have been dealing with this for a while and finally wrote a PMR.  I was pointed to another "Server Rename" procedure, and told to only do certain sections of it.  Well, even after following that I am still unable to reregister the "rs" on the new server.  But thanks for the response anyway.

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Norman Dignard (356690172) | answered Mar 07 '17, 1:15 p.m.

I had similar problems upgrading from 502 single install to 602 distributed deployment with a server rename in the mix.

Not sure what your env is but here is some of our findings: 

On 502 (jts, cm, rm, qm, rs) we did a rename going from https to http.

On our new servers we installed 602, migrating each app from 502 to 602.  For RS to migrate we had to revert the 502 server.xml file back to its original values otherwise the migration will fail.

For DCC - this was a new feature in 602 so run jts/setup and log in as your new jazz admin account . Don't run dcc/setup. This auto logs you in a ADMIN which presumably was archived when you first ran setup in your initial deployment.  Note for us DCC was installed and is running however we sill can't get the jobs to load (a post setup step). Support basically stated that this issue is due to our selection of a reverse proxy (nginx) and washed their hands on this issue.  

For LQE -  should be the same, run jts/setup.   One thing I'm still looking into is when to switch from DCC to LQE. I know GC needs LQE (we still have not enabled this yet) but can we switch beforehand and what are its implications from a functional perspective.   As I understand it you don't run both DCC and LQE, its one or the other.

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