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Can I Remove "Source Control from the Menu Bar and Chaneg the Order of the Work Items in the Drop Down

Rob Olsen (3512153) | asked Jun 02 '15, 4:16 p.m.
Kind of a two pronged question but these are all coming from a customer.  First, my customer will not have a need for "Source Control" options that are in the Menu Bar, is there are way to remove "Source Control"?  Also, I created some new Work Items in the drop down, and the customer would like them reordered.  Is there a simple way to do this?  I can seethe list, but there is no option to drop the top items to the bottom and move the bottom items up.

Abraham Sweiss commented Jun 02 '15, 7:47 p.m.

For the question about removing scm from the webui menu bar, this is not possible out of the box.   It may be if a plugin is created to modify the ui...but not certain.

Rob Olsen commented Jun 03 '15, 10:50 a.m.

Thanks for the reply, I figured as much but figured I might ask in case someone knew how to do it.  I know it was a weird request, but if someone isn't using RTC for source control, it does make sense to be able to disable it and/or remove it as an option.

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Rob Olsen (3512153) | answered Jun 03 '15, 4:57 p.m.

Apparently you cannot remove Source Control or Builds as options at this time.  Would like to see this capability down the road.  If they are not being used, we should be able to remove them from the menu line.

Switching order of items under Work Item has been resolved!

Don Yang commented Jun 03 '15, 6:11 p.m.

you can actually hide source control and builds menus, see the below discussions:

Rob Olsen commented Jun 11 '15, 12:42 p.m.

This worked, although you have to be careful, a type will really mess things up!  Thanks for the feedback!

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