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Howto configure Report Builder to store the report definitions in a DB2 database instead of the JENA TDB database?

Guido Schneider (3.4k1486115) | asked Nov 09 '15, 6:22 a.m.
edited Nov 12 '15, 4:38 a.m.
Dear All,

when you install and configure Report Builder (part of JRS), the database used to store all the Report Builder (RB) configurations and report definitions is stored in a derby DB below /server/conf/rs/db directory.

I do not like to have databases somewhere stored in a program folder version depending. I also do like to have all production DB on DB2.  And the fact, the derby DB is already 2GB large, tells me it is not just for fun.

I have not found any documentation about this derby database of Report Builder so I ask here some questions.

  • Is there a way to change the database from JENA TDB to DB2?
  • Is there a possibility to migrate existing RB database into DB2?
  • Can I at least configure the location of the JENA TDB database?
  • How does a JENA TDB database be backup-ed regularly? Just by copy the files around?
  • Same for restore (hopefully never)?

Many thanks for clarification


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Steven Shaw (55113) | answered Nov 09 '15, 8:59 a.m.
 Hello Guido,

The /server/conf/rs/db directory is not a derby DB.  It is a JENA TDB database and is used exclusively to store our report definitions and queries.  Currently this is only persistence mechanism for the Report Builder.  We are exploring other alternatives for future releases.

I'm surprised that your /db directory is 2GB large?  How many reports do you have?

Regarding backup - it should just be sufficient to copy the db directory to a backup location.  Simply copying back the db directory will restore it to that previous state.

Best Regards,


Guido Schneider selected this answer as the correct answer

Guido Schneider commented Nov 12 '15, 4:39 a.m.

I changed my question so others are not confused by my wrong statement about the DB type.

Guido Schneider commented Nov 12 '15, 4:42 a.m.

Hello Steve,

I do not know exactly how many reports we have. I think more than 100 but less than 500. Is there a way to get a listing of all report in the DB?

the content of the DB directory looks like in next Answer (to large to post as comment):

If you see an irregularity, please tell me. I would then involve support.


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Guido Schneider (3.4k1486115) | answered Nov 12 '15, 4:43 a.m.

 Directory of F:\Backup_DB2_DBs\daily_backups\Jazz_config\Backup-2015-11-12-61684\IBM\JazzTeamServer_RS_600\server\conf\rs\db

11/12/2015  08:22 AM    <DIR>          .
11/12/2015  08:22 AM    <DIR>          ..
11/05/2015  11:15 AM       251,658,240 GOSP.dat
10/19/2015  09:11 AM        33,554,432 GOSP.idn
11/05/2015  11:15 AM       260,046,848 GPOS.dat
10/19/2015  09:08 AM        33,554,432 GPOS.idn
11/05/2015  11:15 AM       251,658,240 GSPO.dat
10/19/2015  09:11 AM        33,554,432 GSPO.idn
01/14/2015  06:44 PM                 0 journal.jrnl
11/09/2015  11:41 AM       226,492,416 node2id.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 node2id.idn
11/11/2015  09:13 AM        15,333,227 nodes.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 OSP.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 OSP.idn
11/05/2015  11:15 AM       243,269,632 OSPG.dat
10/11/2015  01:54 PM        25,165,824 OSPG.idn
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 POS.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 POS.idn
11/05/2015  11:15 AM       251,658,240 POSG.dat
11/10/2015  04:17 PM        25,165,824 POSG.idn
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 prefix2id.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 prefix2id.idn
01/14/2015  06:44 PM                 0 prefixes.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 prefixIdx.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 prefixIdx.idn
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 SPO.dat
01/14/2015  06:44 PM         8,388,608 SPO.idn
11/05/2015  11:15 AM       251,658,240 SPOG.dat
10/19/2015  09:08 AM        33,554,432 SPOG.idn
              27 File(s)  2,028,599,147 bytes

Steven Shaw commented Nov 12 '15, 8:29 a.m.

Hi Guido,

No I think that's expected.  It looks like an almost empty JENA TDB is almost 1 gig.



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