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JRS pointing to QA and PROD part II

Mahari Hill (4861102221) | asked Mar 11 '16, 10:41 a.m.
QA CLM 601 -> JRS 601
PROD 502


So I updated our QA CLM to 601. I installed JRS on a separate machine. I have connected JRS to QA and we can do reports.

So, when I upgrade PROD to 601, what do I need to do to connect this report server to it? I understand I need a new DW, but what about DCC and LQE, do I need additional of each? Can I have:

1 - DCC
1- LQE
1 - QA DW


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Kenji Sarai (96029) | answered Mar 23 '16, 9:57 p.m.
Hi Mahari,

You will need JRS and DCC for PROD 601. In JRS, you can create a multiple data source connection. So you might share JRS between QA and PROD (assuming there is no performance or security problem). In DCC, only one data source to DW can be selected at one time, so perhaps you want to have separate DCC for QA and PROD. DW should be separated as well. Technically you can install multiple DCC applications or DW databases in one server, but you need to evaluate carefully if it causes any performance related problem. LQE is a separate solution and not related to JRS/DCC type of reporting. You need to evaluate if LQE is necessary in your case. So I think the below is the best, but it might be different depending on various factors.
1 - JRS for QA and PROD   
1 - DCC for QA DW
1- DCC for PROD DW
1 - QA DW
1 - LQE (optional)

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