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Setup RTC on AS400

Salman Rana (11) | asked Oct 24 '15, 6:47 a.m.

I am using IBM CLM 5.0.2 with MS SQL sever as the DB and Tomcat as my application sever. I have installed and configured CLM on Windows platform.

Now i want to setup RTC on AS400 machine so i can also manage the source code for COBOL/RPG programs in my centralized repository i.e. on Windows machine. In an initial reply for IBM support, they suggested me to setup Build Toolkit on AS400 machine and use Rational Developer i (RDi). I don't have a license to RDi, is there any other option?

Donald Nong commented Oct 25 '15, 7:25 p.m.

Just curious, what development tool(s) are you using for your COBOL/RPG codes? What applications are running on the AS400 server? The below article describes a typical use case for i system development.

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